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Saturday, January 15, 2011

67% of Sites are Faster than Twitter.com

A screenshot from ALEXA.com on speed of twitter.com. Note they say,  67% of sites are faster than twitter.com. I have never ever had any problem with loading of twitter. I do not think that this speed CALCULATIONS are always accurate.... or, something they have to do with AJAX website...

SPEED IS DEFINITELY GOING TO BE ONE OF THE NEXT MOST IMPORTANT SEO ISSUE, AS SPECULATED. So, I was conducting random page speed check before my new project. The result for Google.com (fast) was fairly okay. For twitter.com, it is not at all expected.

I want to KNOW the fastest website in the Internet... Any idea? Is it yours?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

My List of Social Bookmarking Websites & Suggestions to Maintain the List

First of all, what you need, my favorite list:

Website My Note
digg.com Most Imp.
del.icio.us "
reddit "
http://lollu.net/ NoFollow
http://www.netsocialmarker.com/ "
http://www.bibsonomy.org "
http://www.dropjack.com/submit "
http://www.diigo.com/ "
http://faves.com "
Footymix "/ football
http://givealink.org Private
http://www.ibm.com/ Science
Ioch Public
ja-ta DoFollow
http://socialogs.com/ Public
http://www.indianpad.com Public
http://www.folkd.com/ Private
http://www.jumpernetworks.com/ Private
http://www.linkwad.com/ Private
Yahoo! My Web Private
http://www.mixx.com/ Private
http://www.oneview.com/ Public
http://www.propeller.com/ Public - GONE
http://buzz.ready2beat.com DoFollow - WORKS BETTER
StumbleUpon Public - VERY EFFECTIVE
Windows Live Favorites
Yoolink.to Do Follow / Not Clean Navigation
Kloggi Do FOLLOW
Maglev08 Do FOLLOW
mema-mn Do FOLLOW
Lensroll.com Private, for Squidoo Lens
Technorati Public
HubPages Do Follow - You need to write informative posts, for doFollow links, your post must exceed a given rank (I think, 70+). Great for both earning money as well as getting backlinks and traffic. Spams are deleted.
BlinkList Public
Gather Public
Gather Double ENTRY - IGNORE












Get 12 Instant Backlinks Join any one site, and in the section that describes yourself, put in the html code for anchor text:

Keywords Or Hubpage Title

That link now appears on a high page rank site - but guess what? - automatically that profile will appear on all 13 sites, all over the world.

Did I just here you say "WOW"?

See for yourself:

Clipmarks Public
http://www.amplify.com logged in with twitter account
Online Social Bookmarking DoFollow
StumbleUpon I place SU in different places of my list. When the turn comes, I stumble it.
StumbleUpon I place SU in different places of my list. When the turn comes, I stumble it.
iLike Private
Ning Paid
StumbleUpon I place SU in different places of my list. When the turn comes, I stumble it.
linkroll.com Registration Failed
http://www.multiply.com Private
http://www.business-planet.net/ Public
StumbleUpon Once more in my list
http://www.bringr.com/ Public
http://www.tumblr.com Public
http://www.jumptags.com Public
http://fark.com/ Public
Riffs Public
Spotback Public
Rollyo: Roll Your Own Search Engine Public
SquidPoint Public
PageHype Public
http://www.excellentguide.com/ Public/ Paid
EzySpot DoFollow
http://www.socialadda.com/ DoFollow
BuddyMarks Private
care2.com Public
diigo.com Public
StumbleUpon Once more!
Folkd DoFollow
Spurl DoFollow
Riffs ToolBar
LinkaGoGo NoFollow
SpotBack DoFollow
StumbleUpon Once more
StumbleUpon Again in the list!
Wagg It DoFOLLOW/ Friendly


MyPIP Resume
Cool Search
Best of India
Promote Your Website Free
Yomash News
180 Blog Network
180 Blog Network
Yoo Submit
http://www.yattle.com/ DoFollow

THERE ARE A FEW Social Bookmarking Websites in this list, which have already gone away! But I keep those link to show you exactly what I do with my social campaign. Note against each website, I have my small note. I do not really ATTACK all websites with the same link. I take FIVE bookmarking websites to ENRICH (???) on a given day. I write the work RESUME to indicate where I left the list during the previous run. I have an advantage obviously. I blog on so many topics and I have a whole bunch of websites. Plus, I like to share links from other websites. So, my accounts do not look like the loudspeaker of one website or, worse even, a mirror reflecting only one link prominently. You can create multiple accounts in these websites (check their T.O.S., please) to focus at a niche using one account. As such, I find it quite okay to share different topics using a default account.

PLUS remember, before sharing anything, make it sure that it deserves the social attention. Otherwise, it is better to skip promoting such content and to try to write something more useful to share with others.

Did you find the list useful? Why not share it with others? Looking for your feedback.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Ethical Blog Comments

Blog Comment Services by SEO companies
Have you recently checked offers from various SEO companies? I have seen a few of them have started long ago a special campaign like blog commenting. What they do is simple. They find a list of blogs related to your niche. They visit those blogs and post comments. At the least this is what they claim to do. However, I suspect they may have developed programs to post thousands of comments automatically and endlessly in target blogs. Ethical companies are likely to disclose their policies - like whether they post comments manually or by running scripts. They will charge approximately $1 - $4 per comment depending upon their credibility. As such if you do not have time to network, it is quite legitimate to hire third party services. But you should make it very clear what is your purpose of commenting. Do not let them indulge in blatant spamming as this will definitely ruin your brand reputation. As such, I still prefer to do it of my own and my point of this specialized SEO service is different.

But my point is different: You can see there are companies offering this service and there are people, who actually need it. There are people who agree to spend money to let someone else post comments in blogs on his behalf. But why? Because blog comments work. Not only to deliver traffic but also to establish your brand, to establish your knowledge and authority in your niche. At the least I have found blog commenting pretty useful source of traffic.

How to find the blogs suitable for commenting? While most companies must have a ready to use database of blogs, you may not have one. So, you have to find suitable blogs. First of all, you can consider a custom google search like 'inulr:blogspot.com my-niche' to find blogs related to your niche in blogger.com domain. You can change blogspot.com to any other domain to find blogs in that domain. You can do a search like 'inulr:wordpress.com my-niche' to find related blogs in wordpress.com domains. This has been discussed a lot of time in different places. 

Something I find new and very interesting is to find CommentLuv enabled blogs. Simply create a FREE account in ComLuv.com, use their search tool to easily find related blog links, now when you post a comment, your last blogpost will be displayed automatically against your name. This will help other readers of that blog to know what is your latest thought in your niche.

Something even better - DoFollow blogs: It is better to consider blog free from nofollow tag. For those newbies, who might not be aware, nofollow tag was accepted as a standard to avoid blog comment spamming by all major search engines a few years back. Most blogging platforms attach a nofollow tag (My Keyword NO FOLLOWED) with their blog comment section. Search engines ignore  nofollow tagged links. So, you do not really gain any link juice when you post comments in different blogs. However, to encourage blog commenting, a lot of bloggers have decided to change the default setting. You can find such blogs in various dofollow blog directory. Otherwise, you can search to find 'DoFollow' blogs in your niche. Posting comments in doFollow blog will help you to gain link juice plus you get some free traffic.

About Comment body: This is something very important. You need to add a value to the blog, which should reflect your expertise. I have seen a 'thank you' type comment does not really deliver traffic back to your website. You need to say something, which people will like and want to know more about you.

Using links in comment body: Most of the bloggers do not really like to see links in the blog comment section. However, I have seen it extremely useful to share related links to a post. This helps the readers of that blog to get more information and adds a value to the blog content. A related link can continue to drive endless streams of traffic to your website. It works. But be extremely careful about the sentiment of the blogger. If you spam too much, chances are that your comments will be deleted. So, be modest and share a link, if it relates to the content.

Set a different purpose: Instead of visiting a blog for sole purpose of self-advocacy it is better to set a different constructive purpose. I visit blogs for self promotion obviously. At the same time I have an intention to learn more about my niche, learn from their blog posts, and blog reactions - what people like or dislike. More importantly, I try to analyse why so many people visit their blogs and not mine? What's wrong with my blog? Content? Frequency of posting? Promotion? You cannot stop reviewing your position until you achieve the desired level of success.

Visit returns: If you visit a blog only once in your lifetime, chances are that nobody will visit your blog ever. So, visit the same set of blogs frequently to show your real interest in your niche. Comment back often, if anyone leaves a comment in your blog.

Acknowledge hard works of others: Blogging is basically for people trying their lot within their personal capacity. So, there is no point in indulging in enmity. Behave socially, acknowledge hard work done by others in your niche, subscribe to their feeds, return a link favor, and do everything to establish your openness. It works like a charm. 

Patience is a virtue: And not a vice in Internet marketing. Make a plan for six months. Follow from day one your own commenting plan. I hope you can see the increase in popularity of your blog in no time.

Let's end the ZERO period: That's it what I think. I. As such, I cannot say that I am the one and only internet marketing guru. As such I am just a learner, casual and reluctant, and often irritatingly inconsistent. Still I shared this story because when I see people screaming for not getting any traffic at all or earning ZERO ZERO ZERO in their clickbank account. Thankfully, I have, by the grace of God, crossed that phase of early infancy. Now I think, I know the way to move on. So, I'm very optimistic about my online efforts. And I hope all of us will somehow manage to make a full living forever after.

Looking forward for your comments & feedbacks.

Look Beyond Google

I know a lot of the website promoters are still looking to depend upon Google juice and a lot other have developed the BAD habit of getting Google traffic. Attention all website promoters. There are more ways to drive legitimate targeted traffic to your website other than Google. So, here is exactly what I did to make a few SALES eventually.

1. Create awesome content:- I know I do not write like an expert writer. Still I can write by grasping the core concept and reproduce it using my own words. I have seen a lengthy articles oftentimes result in a fatigue. People love it and simply move on without taking MUCH DESIRED action. So, keep your articles small. A 300 - 400 words article can actually help you to get into the mind of the readers quickly and drive them to the action. I have also developed habit of avoiding adjectives. As a matter of policy, I try to focus at nouns and verbs.

2. Distribute your content: -  This is more important than creating your own content. Let you content be visible by many others in the Internet. Best promotion tools are already listed in the right sidebar. A quick summary should include commenting on relevant blogs (see my post on blog comment policy), social bookmarking (Digg, StumbleUpon and a few other, see my list of social bookmarking websites), and posting in free advertising forums (see my list of free advertising forums). Besides, if you are a part of any social networking websites (You should, and YOU are, I hope), post the link to your profile. I'll say just do not make it a habit to share all of your entries in your social profile. Limit it to a maximum and share the links, which your friends should like and appreciate.

3. Being Social: - This is the most important of all factors. You need to be a social being in online adventure to see any real success. Never ever hesitate to post a comment in a blog you liked, subscribe to its feeds, and favor a link to that post in your own article or blog posts. You must exhibit your openness to say thanks to those, who may have helped you. This way, you can create a reader base for your article. This little extra effort have virtually helped me to get my articles noticed among the forest resulting in a few sales. Even if you are too much obsessed with your website - its design, content etc. etc., there is no point you can stay blind at the hard works done by others in your niche. Start appreciating them. It is just like an exchange of 'hi hallo', if we meet someone already known to us. It really helps to deliver recurring, dependable and Google independent traffic base.

4. Google also watches: - Remember that as you distribute your content in various places around the web, you are forcing content greedy GoogleBot to crawl your pages. And if someone courteously link back to your content, you will start drinking delicious Google juice too!

So, forget not to distribute your content. Just make a legitimate plan not to spam any single website every other day. Distribute your FREE ad campaigns rationally through a pool of websites.

I hope it helps a lot of you as this policy has really helped me.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How BIG Bullies ARE SPAMMING (OR Encouraging SPAMMERS) TO Trap You

Mails received from noreply@spam-network.com:

Sudhir has invited you to become friends.
Login to your Spam-network account to accept or decline the invitation.

There was no un-subscription option for me. Plus, if you reply to noreply@spam-network.com, chances are that your mail would be bounced back.

And there are folks, who will actually respond to such spam invitation!!!

I have actually received such fake friendship invitations from most of the renowned social networking websites, and unfortunately, I have seen that the account of the invitees did not exist (might have been deleted), or, the invitee does not have any relationship with me.

I am NOT AGAINST SOCIALIZING. Rather, I'm a big fan of online networking. But this is the surest evidence of the fact that mindless spammers are eating up ALL the SOCIAL space fast!

Fortunately, in this case there was really a profile named Sudhir (Male with photo of female), no problem. http://www.spam-network.com/sudhir/userprofile.

And this is the reason I keep both facebook and myspace far ahead than the rest of the junk. They have really responded promptly to protect members against spammers.

Lesson today?
Nothing really. If you have a social website, try to ensure best protection from members and if you allow anyone to invite friends, always include un-subscription link, so that no mailbox get bombarded with false invitations.

Take care.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

How Could I Spend My Time So Uselessly?

The question came in my mind leading to this post.

How could I spend my time so uselessly when everyone suggests to spend time wisely?

Internet promotion is obsessive. LJP said few days ago. And I admit.

I started early this afternoon, revamping all social profiles - facebook, myspace, squidoo, twitter etc. etc. Oh! BTW, ning is going to be fully paid from July, 2010. Those looking for freebies, may better focus on a different network. Ning is obviously rocking for different features. But I feel more comfort with facebook fan page.

Back to the question - what I really did during the past few hours?

Networking. Purely networking.

Inviting new friends, commenting on relevant squidoo lenses, and what not. My social networking log (it is a simple spreadsheet I have created to streamline my social behavior! Stupidity? Don't know! Don't care!) reads:

1. Spent one hour to create a new blog on BigAdda. Frankly, I don't like their sloppy interface. There is no friend of mine yet. But it is great to connect Indians. So, I will explore opportunities there.

2. Spent another another 1 hour 45 minutes to update Squidoo lens. The lens has one rating and it is 5*. So, I 'll continue to update it till I get a reasonable response. Mind you, it took me more time to read ten odd lens to offer a suitable comments. I hope to get some return comments as well.

3. Spent 1 hour in updating hubpage and I became fan of a score of members to get one new fan in return. Hmmm. This return fanship strategy worked well for my twitter account. Hubpage is interesting but I really do not like to create unnecessarily many pages on the same topic. I've decided to update that single page more often.
4. Then that ning network. I did not really spend much time.

That's it. I hope to see some responses within coming few days.

Regarding leadsleap.com, I think, you need to spend sometime in creating referrals. You can tweet on it or otherwise.

So, my today's lesson is that I could see what I did during the past few hours. If there is any positive result, I'll continue my effort the next Saturday. Otherwise, I need to change my plan. Got it?

Track it man, track it.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Get Free Leads - PPC Quality Traffic BUT Without Spending a Single Cent

FREE Leads for ALL

Get your Free PPC traffic. It is free genuine leads and not free traffic. While definitely free traffic lacks quality, the same does not apply for free leads. It means people, interested in our ads, are likely to click your ads and hopefully a percentage of them will convert. It works just like PPC advertisement. The only difference is that you are not going to pay anything to generate leads. I did not believe it could be true. But I found their claims to be correct and most interestingly it did not cost me too much time (max. 5/10 minuted a day) neither a single cent so far. Great nah? Most of all, it is too easy to earn credits to generate quality leads to your website.
Try it now for FREE!

How to generate FREE leads to your website?

Add LeadsLeap widget to your blog/website.

This is the best way to earn free credits and free leads. Whenever your visitors click on any link displayed in the widget, you earn one advertising credit. This is AUTO MAGIC system.  

View other members' ads.

The best part is that they will deliver ten ads per day for you to visit, you need to visit each page for  30 seconds, so you need to spend a maximum of five minutes a day to generate quality leads to your landing page.

 Refer your friends

Send invitation to your facebook, myspace or orkut friends, they are sure to respond. As unlike other programs leadsleap does not ask for payments. It is FREE to JOIN, FREE to GENERATE PPC traffic, and traffic quality is obviously better than most other ordinary traffic exchange programs.

 What happens when I refer someone to leadsleap?

Whenever any of your personal referral views an ad, you will earn 1 credit! This means if you have 10 personal referrals and each of them view 10 ads, you will earn 100 credits every day, i.e., your ads will have the same number of free page impression.

If you have 20 personal referrals, you will receive extra 500 credits every month. Your bonus credits will be added on the 1st of each month, every month.

It's SIMPLE & full of FUN!

As such, they provide much more than Leads as well! Lots of informative and authentic articles on website promotion, hosting, and domain selection, must read for all, particularly for newbies.

Generating leads have never been so easy! Still in doubt?

I recommend you to spend only 10 minutes per day for 30 days and notice the TRAFFIC GROWTH. Just do not forget to maintain a time interval of 24 hours between two sessions. You can earn credits for viewing only 10 ads per day, so, if you visit more than 10 ads within the same day, no credit will be added to your account. And when you visit an ad, let it load, wait for 30 seconds, and then click the next ad. I check my accounts to see, if it is really being credited or not. There is no timer set. So, you patience and experience is the key to get the full credit for your clicks. SIMPLE!!!

Let's START Today! 

Start Driving FREE Leads Now!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Things You Can Do To Drive Traffic To Your Website via FACEBOOK Page

Your facebook page might just not driving enough traffic. 
So, try it.

- Participate and make it routine 
- Ask questions 
- Host events on your page 
- Highlight contributions from others 
- Go beyond just text 
- Integrate your other online presences 
- Take it easy with apps, boxes, etc. 
- Run offline events, if you can

Looks great.

This is what I read in Chris Crum's article in WebProNews Newsletter.
Does your Facebook Page drive traffic to your site in WebProNewsletter?

I tried to add the link but it was unfortunately broken.

Try it & let me know if it works.

Here's my facebook page.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

PPC Ads For F*ree?

An Amazingly Simple Way To Generate Free Leads.
Hi everyone, Today, I'm going to share with you a free traffic generation system called LeadsLeap.com. If you have heard about this service and you have not registered your free account, I suggest that you to register now at
In this system, you are allowed to post ads to 10 levels of network you have built.
LeadsLeap only allows members to post their ads in the form of contextual ad. This means your leads do not receive obtrusive ads from their uplines, which is a good thing because no one likes to receive junk ads. Moreover, LeadsLeap sends very informative and useful newsletters to their members. I've saved some of the newsletters for future reference. I'm sure you will benefit from the newsletter too. This is a free service. Register your account now at Click here to register!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Yahoo Buzz - Is my Website/Blog fit for the Buzz?

Yahoo Buzz, the new FREE Yahoo widget - something like Digg.com - has recently been launched and it sounds very promising for all publishers to show off their websites right at the Yahoo! Homepage for FREE. I think if you relate your articles/posts to happenings around the globe with a focus on US audience you are expected to do better with this widget.

Now let's take a look what team Yahoo! Buzz has to say?

Who should partner with Buzz?

  • Yahoo! Buzz welcomes ALL publishers, from large websites to niche bloggers.
  • We feature all types of content, from entertainment to business.
  • Yahoo! Buzz is currently focused on the U.S. audience.
The Buzz is expected to pull content from your website which may even be featured at Yahoo! homepage! But you must keep in your mind that it is not like Yahoo Crawler, visitors need to vote for your site to push it up in the order. Broadly, you can classify it under social bookmarking site. So, once again content is going to be the key. Interested?
All you need to do is to have an Yahoo account, grab this button, get the Javascript Code and add it to your blog/website, and you are done.
Now get back to your website/blog, add some great content, buzz it!
Wish you millions of free hits!

Afraid of Search Engine hoodoo? Explore the alternative website promotion + conversion strategies!


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